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Constituted in 2003 GALVAZA is part of a group of companies participated by VigentGroup SGPS, SA. The company develops its activity in the area of galvanization by hot dip, intended to increase the offer and competitiveness in this sector of activity in the Iberian Peninsula, being a response of the owners to the growing demand.

This company has a modern unit exclusively dedicated to galvanization by hot dip. Besides galvanizing its own products, it offers to its external customers the possibility to galvanize its products in steel or iron. It performs galvanization by centrifugation of different types of pieces: from bolts, screws and hardware in general, even beams, poles or deposits of big dimension.

This anticorrosive discontinuous treatment, according to the norm EN ISO 1461, is a process through which zinc coatings on steel or iron objects are obtained by immersion in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 450ºC ± 5 ºC. In its facilities Galvaza can process pieces up to 12400x2200x2800mm.


Condições Gerais de Venda.

Os serviços de galvanização por imersão a quente prestados pela GALVAZA regem-se pelas condições gerais de serviço descritas no seguinte documento para download.



GALVAZA has as mission the establishment of a strong and lasting relationship with its partners, replacing itself to the primary activities of logistics and amount obtaining therefore enhance the chain of values of its customers, result of its specialization in the area of galvanizing and painting markets.

Galvaza shares the same values and principles which guide all the companies integrated in the VigentGroup SGPS, SA:

Responsibility – Assuming our part in the construction of a sustained global development
Integrity – For everyone with whom we interact
Respect – In the way we handle business and people
Accuracy – In the investments and management
Innovation – In the search for solutions that satisfy our customers and contribute to a better environment
Quality – As a process and as a result of culture of continuous improvement, in processes, products and services.